Poster prizes of the International EPR Society (IEPRS)

The International EPR Society (IEPRS, ) is pleased to award two poster prizes to EPR poster presenters participating in the Euromar 2022 conference. The prizes will be handed over by Professor Songi Han (president of IEPRS) during the closing ceremony of the meeting.

The two prize recipients will receive 200 US$ and a 1 year free IEPRS membership. Additionally, they will be highlighted and promoted at the IEPRS webpage and twitter page.

Raymond Andrew Prize 2022

In memory of Professor Dr. Raymond Andrew and to honor his pioneering work in the field of magnetic resonance, the Groupement AMPERE awards the Raymond Andrew Prize. The prize is given to young scientists for an outstanding PhD thesis in magnetic resonance.

For the Raymond Andrew Prize 2022 the AMPERE Prize Committee is seeking your help in searching for qualified candidates who completed their dissertation during the period of 2020/2021. The prize will be presented during EUROMAR in Utrecht (The Netherlands) 10-14 July 2022.

Nomination deadline is February 15, 2022.

The Ernst Prize

We are inviting nominations for the “Richard R. Ernst Prize in Magnetic Resonance” (The Ernst Prize), named after magnetic resonance pioneer and Nobel Laureate Prof. Richard R. Ernst, which will be awarded at the EUROMAR 2022 in Utrecht (The Netherlands) to recognize ‘recent beneficial applications of Magnetic Resonance’.

The Ernst Prize is intended to award achievements going beyond fundamental research, for groundbreaking applications of new or of previously known techniques in all areas of magnetic resonance. It is intended for research published within the last three years, although the origins of the ideas and experiments may have been described in previous publications. In special cases, and at the discretion of the Prize Committee, the award may be for cumulative achievements over a longer period of time.

The Prize comes with a purse of 10,000 Euros; it is sponsored by the Bruker BioSpin Corporation, and is awarded annually at the EUROMAR conference.

Nomination deadline is March 15, 2022.

Varian Young Investigator Award 2022

To honor the physicist, inventor and entrepreneur, EUROMAR and ENC set up, for several years, the Russell Varian Prize. A group of anonymous donors have revived this award as the Varian Young Investigator Award and it will now be presented biennially at the ENC in odd-numbered years and at the EUROMAR in even-numbered years. The recipient will receive a prize of $5,000.

The Varian Young Investigator Award at the EUROMAR in Utrecht 2022 is intended to recognize a single investigator, for his/her achievements in any area of magnetic resonance. The award is to be granted to people in the first 12 years after their Ph.D. This is a general guideline and exceptions will be considered. The Varian Young Investigator Award will be presented at the EUROMAR Conference in Utrecht 2022.

Nomination deadline is March 1, 2022.