The City of Utrecht, with its inextricable combination of rich past and dynamic present, is a truly unique place. This 2000-year-old city teems with a wide range of interesting museums and cultural events with programs full of theater, dance, art and more. Stroll down the quaint streets and along the canals in the Utrecht Museum Quarter and sample the pleasant, intimate atmosphere for which Utrecht is famous. 70,000 students enhance the character of this lively city of creative young people. Welcome to Utrecht!

Utrecht has developed from a medium-sized provincial city into a regional capital of European importance. The city’s current expansion, more rapid than any in the city’s long history, combines physical expansion with environmentally friendly innovation, major economic opportunities and a new urban dynamism. As a medieval treasure and a leading academic, technological and cultural center, Utrecht is now a pro-active player in the international community.

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There is plenty to discover in Utrecht. Explore hidden inner courtyards, beautiful gardens and narrow alleys with an interesting history. Here are a few must-see Utrecht attractions:

Dom Tower

The Dom District, featuring the Dom Tower, lies at the heart of the historic city center. Climbing the Dom Tower is a wonderful opportunity to explore the city of Utrecht in an entirely different way! Via 465 steps, a guide will take you to the top of the highest church tower of the Netherlands.

Contact Info:
Tourist Information Centre – Dom Tower Ticket Sales
Domplein 9, 3512 JJ Utrecht
E-mail:  only via contactform: https://www.domtoren.nl/en/contact
Phone:  +31 (0)30 236 0010
Website: https://www.domtoren.nl/en

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday | 10am-5pm

Adults € 10,00
Students € 7,50

Museum Catharijneconvent

Museum Catharijneconvent shows the history of Christianity in the Netherlands through centuries-old art as well as contemporary art.

Paintings by Rembrandt, Pieter Saenredam and Jan van Scorel, relics, video art by Guido van der Werve and others, sculptures of saints, ancient manuscripts, a huge stained glass window by Marc Mulders and all there is to know about holidays such as Christmas, Easter and St Nicholas. This and more is on display in the Catharijneconvent Museum in a magnificent medieval convent. This oasis of art and culture is located in the center and in walking distance from the Dom. The Catharijneconvent Museum tells the fascinating story of the past and present of Christianity in the Netherlands. With a collection consisting of Protestant and Catholic art and cultural objects, there is no other museum like this in the entire world.

Contact info:
Lange Nieuwstraat 38, 3512 PH Utrecht
E-mail: info@catharijneconvent.nl
Phone: +31 (0)30 231 3835
Website: www.catharijneconvent.nl

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Friday | 10am – 5pm
Saturday, Sunday | 11am – 5pm

Adults € 14,00
65+ € 12,50
Students € 7,00

Centraal Museum

The Centraal Museum is your gateway to art and culture from the world of Utrecht. From Rietveld to the Utrecht Caravaggists, from Dick Bruna to Moesman and from Viktor & Rolf to the centuries-old Utrecht ship. A museum which leaves you inspired time after time.

The museum has been housed in this medieval cloister on the Nicolaaskerkhof since 1921 and currently consists of an eclectic collection of buildings with a large courtyard at their center. It’s a lovely place to wander through hallways and stairwells, and where you can be surprised by the various exhibitions.

Contact Info:
Agnietenstraat 1, 3512 XA Utrecht
E-mail: info@centraalmuseum.nl
Phone: +31 (0)30 236 2362
Website: www.centraalmuseum.nl

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday | 11am – 5pm

Adults € 15,00
Students, 13-17 years € 6,50


The gothic Dom Church was built as a cathedral for the bishop of Utrecht and dedicated to St. Maarten.

The interior with many lavishly decorated tombs is impressive. The Dom church draws many people  daily for a guided tour or a moment of silence and peace. The free Saturday afternoon concerts (3.30 pm) have been a household word in Utrecht for over thirty years.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday | 10am – 5pm
Saturday | 10am – 3.30pm
Sunday | 12.30pm – 4pm

No admission applicable, though donations are appreciated

Pandhof garden Dom Church

The Pandhof garden of the Dom Church is one of Holland most beautiful inner courtyards. This hidden garden is sandwiched between the Dom Church and Utrecht University Hall, and is a wonderfully idyllic spot, filled with flowers and herbs. De Pandhof is one of the most beautiful courtyards in the Netherlands and offers stunning views of the Dom Tower and church.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday | 10am – 4pm

The garden can be visited free of charge and is accessible through the gate on Dom Square.

Utrecht from the Water

The Utrecht canals with their wharves and wharf cellars are unique in the world.

The 12th Century Oudegracht was built to change the course of the Oude Rijn river. Connecting the river Vecht in the north to the Vaartsche Rijn in the south, the Oudegracht was destined to become an elongated harbour. Large city castles were built along the canal and in the 13th Century, shipyards were built as second streets at water level. The deep cellars, serving as storage spaces, ran through to below the houses. Today, the canals and shipyards are home to shops, restaurants and private residences.

To get a truly up close sense of the pulse of the city, its terraces, unique lively wharf cellars and beautiful architecture, you have boat tours, pedal boats and canoes at your disposal.

Photos source: Utrecht Marketing